Energy Healing in Mendocino County & California
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Energy Healing

Individual Healing

A single 60-90-minute healing session in your home is $120.00.

Healing Party

Host a day of four one-hour healing sessions (including transportation costs if out-of-town), or refer four clients, and receive a healing session at a 50% discount.

Office Healing

Mini Tune-ups, working on neck and back: 6 people @15 minutes each = $140

Pre- and post-surgery

Pre: Remove or lessen sluggish circulatory issues before invasive surgery to reduce potential healing blocks. Post: Scan and remove any adverse results from the surgery to promote the body’s natural healing process. Total fee is $240.00.

Sports Healing

Contact Julie Parker regarding package deals for teams.


A highlight of group retreats. Contact Julie Parker regarding special package retreat deals, customized for your event(s).

Client Testimonials

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Energy HealingEnergy Healing

Everyone is born with natural abilities – visionary, drawing, singing, writing, athletic, … mine happens to be healing.


I’m Julie Parker.


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