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About Julie Parker

I was four or five years old when our landlady decided to clear the attic of our house rental. She gifted me an old wind-up toy dog whose head would nod up and down (bark missing), and a child’s ironing board (iron missing).

I got in trouble for something one afternoon, and as I lay on my bed crying, a sound caught my attention. I looked down at the floor to see the toy dog nodding its head up and down, even though I had not wound it up. I felt this soothing, loving, nurturing energy emanating from the toy to me, and I stopped crying.

The little ironing board I put near my mother’s board, so we could iron together. Because I didn’t have a play iron, I used a book, sliding it back-and-forth, mimicking my mother. When I had finished, I announced my blouse was ironed. Without looking up, she replied, “No, you didn’t. It’s just a book.” Angry, I said, “Yes, I did! Look!” I held up the perfectly pressed blouse. Her jaw almost dropped. I now know that the heat from my palms had traveled through the book onto the cloth.

Those are my earliest memories of my metaphysical gifts. Over the subsequent years, I’ve researched and experimented to better understand my particular gifts, and how they can assist and heal those in need. I work just about anywhere – homes, offices, backyards, resorts, spas, etc.

My healing works on a deep level, moving you forward toward a healthier life.

I’m Li.ist – join me!